2011 South Africa

The highlight of this year’s holiday will have to be South Africa (SA). We were invited to a friend’s wedding (Indian South African) and with that the planning of our epic holiday started in January.

Besides attending the wedding in Durban, I wanted to travel along the wine route (claimed to be world longest wine route) and we want to go on safari. Based on advice from our SA friends, we came out with a pretty good itinerary for a 3 weeks holiday.

We were informed the best way to see the country is to drive, hence we rented a car. Of course we took all the safety advice from our friends (eg not to drive at night) and before we know it we have the route & highlights mapped out (see Google map above). This way we will also be able to make last minute changes and be flexible with our itinerary.

So we started our holiday by flying into Cape Town and then slowly making our way to Durban via the Route 62 (Wine Route) and Garden Route. We spent a few days in Durban to attend the pre-wedding ceremonies and the wedding reception. After that, we make our way up north to Kruger National Park (all the way up north) before making our way down to Johannesburg where we flew back to London.

Luckily we decided to buy the South Africa National Park Wild Card. You pay a one off fee and get membership for the whole year. One of the major benefit of getting this card is you’ll get to enter all the national parks in SA for free! It worked out well because if we dont have this card, we’ll have to pay a daily fee when entering Kruger National Park and also all the other parks.

At the end of our trip, we have clocked in 5,289 km!

Click here to view Dav’s photo
Click here to view Steph’s photo

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