The quest continues…

Besides the usual weekend chores (ie cleaning), there were 2 things I have planned to do.

  1. Visit Saatchi Gallery to look at the new exhibition, ‘Unveiled: New Art From the Middle East’, and
  2. Buy the latest ‘Street Fighter IV’ for PS3.

We did a lot more than that!

A colleague from Pakistan was in town, so being a good host, I took him to Bricklane to have some eastern food on Saturday night. He complains that all he ate for the past week was white rice because BAT training centre does not serve halal food. So the choice of restaurant location was a good one. We catched up over dinner and it was good to see him again. Hopefully one day we will be able to visit him in Pakistan.

On Sunday, we had a sudden urge to eat dim sum. So we went to Royal China in Putney. As usual, we over ordered and ate too much! Am not sure whether it was our luck or the restaurant manager were impressed with the amount of food we ordered, we were given a complimentary card for tea & dessert to be claimed in our next visit!! What a bonus eh… but come to think about it, It could be a gimmick to entice us to go back again.. LoL… economy no good!!

After our very heavy and fulfilling meal, the search for the latest game begins. First stop was HMV in Putney High Street. Along the way, we saw there are at least 2 stores having closing down sales and one store already closed down. How sad… Dav reckons the high street is going to be a dead soon.

Unfortunately they dont have stock for the game I wanted. So we decided to head to HMV Wimbledon High Street. They too did not have stock. Sigh… Looks like it will be a while before I get to play it.

The outing ended with a walk from Wimbledon Village back to home via the common. Nice stroll with Dav…. hehehehe


One thought on “The quest continues…

  1. I had curry on Saturday night and Dim Sum at Royal China on Sunday and I also baked muffin at the weekend!

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