2009 London to HK Overland (incl Trans-Siberia)

Dav and I will be travelling from London to Hong Kong by train via Russia and Siberia… The only time we will be taking the plane will be our flight back to London from Hong Kong. We must be crazy!! LoL

Dav first suggested doing this trip about 2 years ago, when we moved to London. He read this ages ago and it has always been his dream. Now that we are living in London, suddenly it becomes quite feasible.

We started ‘planning’ early this year by getting ourselves a guide book and decide on the dates. I have to admit, I was not as enthusiatic as Dav. There was soooo much planning to do!!! Not only do we have to arrange ALL the train journeys, we also have to apply for visas, arrange accomodation and get our gears together.

So in fact I have been lazy for a good 6 months before Dav kindly reminded me that we only have 3 months to get everything confirmed and settled. Thus the intense planning started in July.

BUT I am happy to annouce that we will start our journey on 17th October and back in London on 9th November 2009!

Some key facts about our trip:

  • No of days on the road: 24 days
  • No of countries: 8 countries
  • Total distance: Approx 13,900 km
  • No of hours on train: Approx 215 hours / 9 days
  • No of trains to board: 8 trains
  • No of visas required: 3

Click to read on: The planning process


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