2012 East Coast USA

We picked the East Coast of USA as our first US holiday when a few friends invited us to join them in Miami for a short break.  Being a fan of road trips, we were not going to just stay in one place for the whole holiday.  So we decided to meet our friends in Miami, spend a few days around South Florida then make our ways up to New York City.

First decision made was to fly into Miami and depart from New York City.  Then we had to make a decision on the route up north.  Luckily we have the Lonely Planet Guide – USA’s Best Trips.  This guide book is great and helped us put together the following route.

While the initial intention was to travel along the coast, when we read more guide books and found out we will be passing through the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah National Park (famous for its Skyline drive), we thought we can squeeze that into our itinerary too.

We ended up crossing 4 state borders and drove over 1,300 miles (not including distance covered in Florida Keys & Everglades) to get to Washington DC and took the Amtrak (US regional train) to New York City.

Click here to view our photos.


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