Amsterdam, 14th & 15th Feb 2009

We spent the Valentine’s weekend in Amsterdam, which was right after my training. I didnt realise we were gonna be there during the V-Day. Well we never celebrate it anyway.. so it wasnt pre-arranged or anything.

We didnt do much but to just walk around. I knew that Dav was not gonna be interested in visiting the museums, so I have already went on my own before he arrived. Here’s some pics of what we did.

It was a sunny, beautiful day on Sat!

The canal was calm with shadow being reflected clearly.

Dav tried the famous Netherlands hearings. Not my fav.

We encountered this weird looking statue in the Amsterdam town centre square. Not sure what’s the message the artist is trying to convey. Perhaps ‘I’m free and beautiful’ ?

Lots of Heineken were consumed that weekend. This is their version of 1 pint! It’s actually 1ltr of beer…

Dav was not impressed with my beer drinking skill… LoL

You cant go to Amsterdam and not visit the flower market. The tulips were just so lovely!!

You’ll find these urinal everywhere in the city! Dav trying to see if he’s exposed while doing the small business… hahahahah

Trying out my photography skill in a pancake house while waiting for our orders to be delivered.

Yummy-licious! Btw, it was pancake day on Tuesday… i just love them!

Dav: Hello?

We visited the Heineken Centre. It’s become a must for us to visit the brewery everywhere we go.

We also visited a liquer and bartending ‘museum’ call House of Bols. These are actually samples of smell.

I also tried to learn some bar tending tricks. But not very successful. Check out the video below:

If you look carefully, you’ll see that the ‘audience’ were actually clapping at my unsuccessful attempt to catch the ‘bottle’.

Overall it was a good weekend. I’m sure we are gonna go back to Amsterdam in the future.


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