Life after Facebook

It’s been 2.5 months since we deleted our FB accounts.  YES!  We did it…

I can’t remember how it came about, but we had a chat about the amount of time we spent on social media (e.g. FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).  Before I know it, we were agreeing to deleting our FB and see if it’s such a big deal.

For me, it is quite a big deal.  Even after the whole 1 month detox that I did 2 year ago (read here), I was still relying on FB to tell me what my friends and family are doing, what’s going on in the world and also it was one of my main source of the celebrity gossip!  On top of that, I was also using FB to keep in touch with some ex colleagues and friends.

So do I feel left out for not using FB ??  Hell yeah!  But that means I have to take more effort in communicating with my friends and family.  Naturally, there has been more WhatsApp messages.

Besides the fact that I’m spending more time doing other things (like reading), I also think it was a good opportunity to ‘disconnect’ from people you never really know but was ‘force’ to befriend as a courtesy (like long lost childhood friends).

Anyway, I’m still using Youtube and Instagram, so it’s not like we’re totally disconnected from the ‘internet’ world.  Who knows maybe I’ll create a new FB account in the future, especially now that FB has a new mission, “Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”


Feb Favourite 2017


I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered Anna Faris podcast – Anna Faris is Unqualified.  It is freaking hilarious!!

I’ve always been a fan of Chris Pratt and thus have been following him on Instagram.  I got curious when I saw on his timeline his wife presenting a podcast.

Anna invites her celebrity friends to join her in the podcast and it gets hilarious when her guests (quite a few comedians) answers her ridiculous questions and participates in an improv.  Then they take calls from stranger and try to give their ‘unqualified’ advice (hence the name of the podcast).

The podcast came in handy especially when I’m on business trip.  It really keeps me entertained while waiting to board the plane and getting to my destination.

My favourite guests so far are:

  • Russell Peters – Always been a fan of Russell.  In this episode he really open up about his sex ‘adventures’ and relationship experiences.
  • Jeremy Renner – Although he may came across as harsh when giving advice, you know deep down those are honest advice and sometimes the truth hurts a little.
  • Ken Jeong – This episode just made me laugh non-stop from the beginning.  Even the hosts were laughing non-stop.
  • Courtney Love – She sounds like she’s perpetually high.  But you can tell she’s genuine.

Nell Gwynn

We were a bit apprehensive after leaving the theatre in the interval of Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds 2 weeks ago.  It was so strange and just not our type of show I guess.

But this one was a hit !!  The play is about how Nell Gwynn became the mistress of King Charles II and it won the best comedy in Olivier Awards this year. I would highly recommend this play to everyone.

4 stars.

Happy Chinese New Year!

As per previous year, we are not taking any days off or holiday during Chinese New Year.  However I’m missing my family even more this year.  Not sure if it’s because I haven’t seen my parents for more than 1 year now.

Anyway, Dav decided to make bak kwa (dried meat) at home and it actually turn out quite nice.  Not 100% like the original we get back in Malaysia but it does satisfy our cravings.

Homemade bak kwa (dried meat).  Just in time for Chinese New Year!  #driedmeat #bakkwa #cny2016 #nofilter

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!


Facebook Detox

I did it!  No Facebook for one month.  It was quite an interesting time.  Looking back I spent the most time on Facebook during the following times:

  • After I wake up, just before I get ready.
  • During my commute to work, i.e. when I’m on the train, bus or tube.
  • After dinner.
  • Just before bed.

So, it does looks like I spend quite a far bit of time on it.

During the one month detox, I read 3 books and felt left out as I couldn’t see what my FB friends were up to.  After the second week, those feelings were gone.  I felt like I didn’t miss much.  If there’s anything important that I should know, somehow my friends will eventually tell me or I’ll ask them what’s going on.

Will I go back to spending the same amount of time on FB? I don’t think so…. but I won’t stop checking either.  I still find that there’s interesting things that people post which is worth reading.

Have you try reducing the amount of time you spend on FB?

No Impact Man: The Documentary

Can you live with sustainable zero impact on the environment for one year?  Well a New York based family of three did.

Watching this one the first day of 2013 does provide some perspective on our lifestyle.  While I cannot imagine living without going on holiday or buying things which will make me happy, I do think it is necessary to review our lifestyle to ensure we are not wasteful.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this documentary and reflect.