What a day!

2 major things happened today.


What do you do when your ex-manager emailed you on Sunday asking for your help? Initial thought of helping out was stunned by the amount of work required! I have been asked to sort through 30,000+ emails and put them in the appropriate folders in the network drive….  My response was “I will see what I can do later today”. Non-commital, not refusing (after all he was my boss. I dont want to cut my career short in BAT) and offer minimal help.

What would you do?

Event 2

Dav is working late today and so I decided to prepare dinner instead. What do I get for being a dear wife? I cut my left pinky while peeling the potato skin. It’s quite a big cut that it cant stop bleeding after 5 mins! Plus it’s kind painful now.


6 thoughts on “What a day!

  1. Response to event 1: Hire me at ur PT PA. I help u to sort out.
    Response to event 2: Alamak! Ouch for u. Should have invited u over to share my pot of tomyam.

  2. I cannot believe your boss wants you to sort 30 over THOUSAND emails!!!!!!!!!! That is ridiculous!!! Where is his secretary?????????

    And look after that pinky! Just keep an eye on it and make sure the cut doesn’t get infected k?

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