Easter holiday – 2017 edition

This year, for the first time we didn’t plan any outings or activities for Easter.  Strange considering we also took Tuesday off.  Nonetheless we managed to come up with a few things to keep us occupied.

First thing that kept us busy was my sis and her family visiting on Friday, while driving down to Southampton.  They were on their way to Paultons Park – Peppa Pig World and Lost Kingdom.  Turns out my niece love Peppa Pig and nephew loves roller coaster.  We had a good catchup while the kids looked for mini Easter eggs at home and then a hearty lunch at Steins (our family fav).  After lunch we head to Bushy Park to tired out the kids.  It was good to spend some time with the kids.

She's amused by her Yiyi. #tbt #easterholiday

Next activities on our list was continuing our journey along London Loop (London Outer Orbital Path).  There’s 24 sections to complete and we only managed 1 so far.  So for this long weekend, we managed to complete 2 sections (totalling 12 miles) over 2 days.  As the weather gets better, I hope we can complete more and try to finish the Loop by year end.

The last thing we tried was bouldering.  Dav has always been a fan and did a course few years ago but he never continue doing it.  We saw that there’s a climbing centre nearby our place and so we thought we’ll check it out.  We took the £20 1 hour supervised induction course where an instructor gave us the safety rules and guide us through the different levels of difficulty.  Turns out I have a fear of heights.  When I look at others, it looks so easy.  The instructions also sounded easy, for example use your legs, don’t pull yourself up with your hands.  I think people forget we’re working against gravity!  Anyway it was that I tried it at least once.  Dav really likes it, maybe I’ll go back with him again to see if I enjoy it.

So that was our Easter break.  Hope you had a good break too!


Happy Chinese New Year!

As per previous year, we are not taking any days off or holiday during Chinese New Year.  However I’m missing my family even more this year.  Not sure if it’s because I haven’t seen my parents for more than 1 year now.

Anyway, Dav decided to make bak kwa (dried meat) at home and it actually turn out quite nice.  Not 100% like the original we get back in Malaysia but it does satisfy our cravings.

Homemade bak kwa (dried meat).  Just in time for Chinese New Year!  #driedmeat #bakkwa #cny2016 #nofilter

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!


Why is it still freezing in April?

That’s the common complain from everyone in UK.  It is quite strange that it snowed in March and the temperature is still hovering around the low single digit when by right it is already Spring.  Hopefully we won’t have to endure this for too long.  I really miss the sun.  Especially since my holiday in Asia just ended recently.  A quick update on what’s been going on….

Piano Lessons

I’ve since learnt 2 more Bach pieces.  I’m really enjoying the lesson.  I find it quite therapeutic.  Although initially I wanted to push myself harder by aiming to sit for the exam, I don’t see a need for it now.  I’m taking it easy, at my pace.  There are weeks which I have a lot of spare time to practice and there are weeks where I”m swarmed with work and have no time at all to practice.  My piano teacher is understanding and always support me.  I guess in a way I’m paying for it.

Anyway here’s a sample of the 2 pieces I”m talking about.  What do you think?

Holiday in Asia

I decided to head back to KL on my own after being convinced by my family.  It was indeed a fun trip.  I decided to try Singapore Airline and stay over in Singapore for a few days to hangout with friends and visit all the new places.  I had a very good time eating and generally seeing the new Singapore.  So much has changed since my last trip there for work in 2006.

After Singapore, I went to Taipei with my parents, younger sis and baby old nephew.  I was the designated baby helper, that means carrying the baby pram and baby as and when it is required.  I have to say it was quite fun and not too tiring.  Initially I was worried about not being able to sleep at night since the baby needs to be fed at night but I didnt hear much.  We ate a lot in Taipei and bought a lot of snacks too.  I think my parents enjoyed it.

I didnt have many days left after Taipei and Singapore but still managed to meet up with a few close friends and generally just spent time with my parents.  Luckily the Star Trek exhibition was still on, so I went with my youngest sis.  It’s nothing spectacular.  The display items looked old and not well kept.  At least I got to see the ‘bridge’ and the ‘transporter’.  I was hoping that the parliament will be dissolved and that the general election will take place during my time in KL.  Well I had already registered for postal vote so it didnt really matter.

When one gets too tired to walk any further, take a pic of Gardens by the Bay from MBS.

Easter Break

As usual, at the last minute we decided to rent a car and head to Snowdonia, North Wales.  This would be our second trip to Snowdonia.  This time we asked Cec and Charles to join us and the weather is not as ‘friendly’.  On top of that, the week leading to Easter there were several reports of people being rescued from Snowdon due to snow and ice.  So everyone in office was constantly giving us advice.

While it was freezing, we managed to do one 2 hrs hike and drove around the North Wales coast.  While the train has not been build leading to the summit, due to severe weather, snow and ice, it was unfortunately closed.  Looks like we’ll have to attempt a 3rd trip to get ourself up to the summit.  There is no way I’m going to hike. hehehehehe

Can't believe what a good view AND weather we experienced today.

On a 2 hrs hike before heading back to London. Good exercise.


Dav and I used to explore London frequently by taking long walks.  We stopped doing that when I got lazy last year…. So to start the new year, Dav forced me to go for a walk with him in a nearby park (St George’s Park).  I had a good time chatting while burning off the English breakfast I cooked for us in the morning.  We ended up walking for about 1.5 hrs.

Again today Dav forced me out of the flat.  We ended up walking for about 2 hours discovering Balham, Tooting Bec Common and Wandsworth Common.  It was quite nice although the sun didnt shine the whole day.  We found a nice cafe and stopped to have coffee before continuing the walk.

Sure hope I’m motivated to continue doing this for the rest of the year!

Sunset on 01.01.13

Christmas Day

We spent this year’s Christmas Day at a friend’s house instead of staying home. We had lots of yummy Malaysian food (chapatti, sardine curry, ketupat palas, nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang ayam, lamb briyani) and not forgetting 3 types of cakes for dessert.

I baked spiced pear and ginger cheese cake which was well received. The good feedback makes me wanna bake more!

We had so much fun chatting and eating non-stop…. truly the Malaysian style of celebrating a bank holiday.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday too!

Photos from East Coast USA Road Trip

The most beautiful scenic drive EVER! Everything was yellow, orange & red.Cavalier HotelCardozo HotelOcean DriveMiami BeachClouds over Miami Beach
The biggest & most expensive cocktail in Miami Beach!Road Work aheadMiami City SkyscraperEntering IslamoradaLong cablesIslamorada
Bicycle laneBahia Honda BeachMiami ViceGiant CoronaLots of dollar billShow me the money!
MementoKey Lime PieSunset at Key WestKey WestNo Name Pub. The only pub with $1 note stuck to its wall and ceiling!Good morning Key West.

2012 East Coast USA Road Trip, a set on Flickr.

Finally uploaded all the photos taken during our holiday in USA back in October. It is such a long process to choose, edit and upload these but I’m glad I spent the time doing it. Turns out there are some really nice photos. I wasn’t that confident that I took nice pics.

Hope you like the photos as much as I do!

A reminder of where we went:
Key West
Cape Canaveral
Blue Ridge Parkway
Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park
Washington DC
New York City