About Max, Dav & Steph

Who is Max?


Max came to our life in 2004. He was hand-picked by Dav in Amsterdam and brought to Malaysia to be Steph’s companion. Thus, Max has been traveling around the world with her for the past few years.

The Site

What was originally a simple blog hosted in blogger.com has now been transform into a web site with our very own domain name. What a cool domain name huh! This new web site will allow us to add more feature into our site with no restrictions.

The look and feel of this site will change every so often to reflect on the journey we’re taking in life. So keep visiting to check out new stuff on our web site!

The Authors

Married Malaysian couple relocated to London, England trying to achieve all the impossible in this lifetime. Both loves to travel and discover/experience new things.

Steph – An internal auditor who is hardly in town. Struggling to juggle career, relationship, family & friends at the same time. Besides travelling, likes to read, hang out with friends and check out new toys/ gadgets.

Dav – A software developer working for a digital agency. He loves to take photos and try new food.