Wow two weekends just came and gone!! Lots been going on… to continue from where we left off in the last post, we spent the long weekend in Hamburg and had lots of fun (I’m sure Dav would agree with me). Luckily we meet a local Malaysian who has been working there for 1.5 yrs. He took us around to both the touristy and non-touristy places to see and eat!

We walked around the city, visited the red light district, had some local drinks (yummy strawberry shots!), went to a fun-fair and sat in a crazy ride, did some shopping and indulging in furniture window shopping (everyone should check out this furniture company Denzo).

We also managed to get company bicycles for the weekend. But unfortunately it was quite hard for me to cycle on it (too high and u cant reverse the paddle PLUS I cant stabilized myself on the high bicycle!!). Anyway, the weather wasn’t that great. It rained the whole day of Saturday (so cant cycle) plus the next day was walking day with our part-time local guide… hehehehehe

Here’s some snapshots. Please click on each photos to read the comments (a new feature from WordPress which I’m trying to get used to.)


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