What We Pack – The Essentials

Here’s a listing of the things we brought along with us which is useful:

  • Baby wipes –  This is very important because we cant shower while on the train. 5 nights on the train without a shower is just too much, even in winter!
  • Toilet roll – Although all the trains we were on have toilet rolls, sometimes the carriage attendant does not refill it. So this is handy when that happens.
  • Metal cup with cover – Useful for a hot cuppa tea/coffee/milo/soup. Also useful to make instant noodles.
  • Utensils (spoon, fork, knife)
  • Anti-bacteria hand gel – You can never be too careful especially with the H1N1 virus outbreak. We carry one hand gel each.
  • Mini medicine bag – Our medicine bag consists of diarrhea pills, anti-hestamine (for the nose), paracetamol, band aids and asthma inhaler.
  • Notepad & pen – Very important to have a pen as we have to complete various immigration, custom and health declaration forms. As we got to know new friends, food and places, the notepad is useful to take down their names, contact details and description.
  • Books (novels) – Very good to fill the time on the train. Also we managed to exchanged some books with new friends and in the hostels. Seem like a common practice among travelers.
  • Cameras – Essential to capture all the amazing sceneries.
  • Chargers (for all electronic gadgets) – One must not forget to bring charger for the cameras and the mobile phones!
  • Money belt – Good to keep the cash and passport close (literally!)
  • Comfortable pants – for the train journeys.

Nice to have items:

  • Netbook (small laptop) – All the train berth has power socket which allows you to power your gadgets. So a netbook will be a nice to have, to download photos taken and update your family and friends online.

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