Final destination – Hong Kong

Day 22:
07.11.2009 (Saturday)

After all the train journeys we have taken, a 19 hours train from Shanghai to HK suddenly didn’t feel that long. While in a taxi from the station to my cousin’s place, the taxi driver asked why did we choose to take trains when we can take the plane in significantly less time. It’s quite hard to explain to strangers why we choose to do the things the way we wanted but what’s more important is the fact that we have enjoyed it and will probably do it again in the future.

So we arrived in HK just after 1300. While queuing at the immigration counter, I witnessed a very uncivilized act performed by the Chinese (no it is not spitting). A mother actually let her young son pee at a corner of the building while in line queuing!!! How can anyone do that!??!?! No one can except for the Chinese of course… no shame at all!

Back to HK, we bunked at my cousin’s place for one night which is situated in Mongkok. The markets and shopping place is literally just behind his flat. So ideal! After dropping our bags in the flat, we started our food trip.

First meal (lunch), we went to Langham Place for dim sum. It was superb! We really liked the food there and I even discovered a new kind of pau. Its called a ‘Lasa pau’. Basically the pau consists of egg yolk in the middle. When bitten, the pau oozes out the melted egg yolk. It was so yummy until we ordered a second serving.

After lunch, we went to the Mongkok Computer Centre to checkout latest gadgets. We toyed with the idea of buying a netbook, NAS server and camera lenses. So throughout our window shopping, we were taking notes of the prices.

Next, I wanted to have mango dessert. So we went for dessert which totally stuffed us! Thus walking is required to digest all the food consumed. We went to check out second hand PS3 games. This is when my cousin’s shopping spree started. We spent about 30 mins looking around but Dav didn’t seem that interested. My cousin ended up buying 3 games. 🙂

Then it was dinner time. We managed to locate Itamae Sushi (our fav in HK). Luckily we went early. After seated for  10 minutes, the queue for a table was forming. We ordered lots of sashimi but we love it all!!

After the meal, we can no longer ear. So we headed back to the flat and rest. After a nap, my cousin insisted that we go to his friend’s pub for a drink. I wanted to stay in and sleep but they forced me out. It was fun, we had a few pints and the boys had supper (yes, food again!).

Not surprisingly, we went to bed that night with a full stomach but happy!

Day 23:
08.11.2009 (Sunday)

We woke up quite early to have breakfast. My cousin took us to a typical cafe for local breakfast: po-lor pau, nissin noodle, egg tarts and HK tea. Apparently the place we went is very famous for their po-lor pau.

After breakfast, we went back to Mongkok Computer Centre to buy a NAS server and my camera lense. These 2 items were our biggest expense in the trip. We have been relatively good at not buying anything until we reached HK. We managed to get a 1 TB NAS server which is expandable and I bought 2 lenses (zoom and fish eye).

The biggest shopper again turns out to be my cousin. He wanted to get a Panasonic Lumix GF1. But after much consideration and persuasion, he ended up buying a Nikon D90. Quite a big difference in terms of camera type but not the price, surprisingly.

When we were done with all the shopping, we packed wantan noodle for lunch and ate at home. We were quite tired after all the walking and bargaining so we took a rest before we head out for dinner with my friends.

I was quite happy to catch up with my ex colleagues. We chatted and catch up over steamboat. After dinner, we stop by the pub for a pint before we had to go to the airport.

The holiday officially ended when we arrived back in London at 0630 on 09.11.2009.

Click here to view our photo album.


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