Transportation in Argentina

Due to the size of the country, we didn’t have much options between flying or taking the bus.  Argentina does not have a good railway links.  Also when you fly, you almost have to always go back to Buenos Aires to take a connecting flights.

Based on the time and budget we have, we ended up with the following options:

  • Flight – Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn (1h 45m)
  • Bus – Puerto Madryn to Rio Gallegos (17h 45m)
  • Bus – Rio Gallegos to El Calafate (3h 50m)
  • Bus – El Calafate to El Chaltén (3h)
  • Flight – El Calafate to Buenos Aires (2h 55m)
  • Flight – Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls (1h 50m)
  • Bus – Buenos Aires to Mendoza (14h)

Domestic Flights

Buenos Aires (BA) has two airports, so beware of your inbound and outbound flights.

  • Ezeiza International Airport (EZE), approx 22 kms from downtown
  • Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP), approx 2kms from downtown

We ended up taking all our domestic flights from AEP, which is very convenient and a cheaper option if you’re taking a taxi to the airport.  There is also no restrictions in booking our flights online before we landed in the country.

Domestic Bus

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about taking long bus journey while in Argentina.  I was slightly comforted when I read several travellers’ blog about the quality of the buses.  Essentially it is quite a comfortable bus (as much as it can be) with toilet facilities, reclining seats and several meals being served (depending on the distance).

We also managed to get onto what feels like a VVIP bus, with seats that recline all the way down (almost flat) and your own personal screen.  It almost feels like we were on a business class flights.

The only ‘complain’ I have is the costs.  But seeing that it is quite comfy with food and drinks served, it is actually not too bad.

17hrs bus ride from Puerto Madryn to Rio Gallegos

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