El Calafate and El Chaltén

El Calafate

El Calafate is the place to go to discover Patagonia.  It quite a journey to get here if you’re not flying from Buenos Airea.  We endured 20 hours bus journey to save time and some costs.

This town is also the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park, home to the massive Perito Moreno Glacier, whose ever-shifting icy landcape is popular for hiking and sightseeing.  You can either rent a car or join a tour to access the National Park.

Our hostel recommended us a hiking tour where you get to walk on the Glacier.  It was an amazing experience.  It was an amazing experience.  The glacier makes me feels so small and insignificant.

Feels kinda cold.... #glacierhike #glaciernationalpark #Patagonia #Argentina

Seracs (large blocks of ice) on our glacier walk #peritomoreno #patagonia #vscocam

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El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a village within Los Glaciares National Park and the gateway to trails surrounding the peaks of Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy to the northwest.  We took a bus here from Al Calafate, which took approx 3 hours.

There’s lots of hiking trails with different levels of difficulties.  We had to report to the park office and check which trails are opened and/or dangerous as the weather can be quite unpredictable, especially higher/ closer to the mountains.

The trails offers amazing view of the mountains and feels quiet secluded.  The town itself has not much to offer except accommodation and restaurants.

Amazing view of Laguna Torre, Glaciar Grande and Cerro Torre (3128m) after 3.5hrs hike. #Argentina #Patagonia #glaciernationalpark

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