Buenos Aires

Capital city of Argentina.  Just like any other big city, there’s lots of historical buildings and key sights to visit.  There wasn’t anything in particular of interest for us to check out except local food.  We walked around ourselves mainly around Recoleta and Palermo and decided to take a walking tour around La Boca, to try and understand the history.

Some main sights we visited:

The Cementerio de la Recoleta: This is where all the rich families in Buenos Aires have their final resting places. There’s lots of big ornate tombs including the famous tomb of Eva Perón.

Paid homage to Eva Peron. #Argentina #buenosaires #evaperon #scarycemetery

The Palermo Viejo district: This is a trendy neighbourhood with charming cobblestone streets, bookstores, bars, and boutiques.  We stayed in this area for a few nights and found it very convenient.

La Boca: considered Buenos Aires’s most colourful neighbourhood with a very outgoing personality. This is a must visit for tourist but also not very safe.  Only certain streets are tourist friendly, therefore it is advised not to walk off path or go with a guide.

Checked out La Boca this morning.  What a colourful little town. #Argentina #buenosaires #laboca

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