Réunion Highlights

Beaches and Lagoons

Besides the usual chilling under the sun by the beach, there’s also the lagoon to be discovered. The water temperature is just comfortable and there’s sports activities to keep everyone occupied.

Beach time before we fly home.  #2015holiday #lareunion #france #copacabana #beach

There are also lots of places along the beach where you can rent sun beds and stay the whole day. Most of these places have bar service and some also has restaurants. The price to rent the sun beds can be quite steep. Other option is just bring your own blanket.

Breakfast by the lagoon this morning.  Beautiful view and yummy food.  #2015holiday #lareunion #france #lagoon #breakfast #nofilter

There’s some places that serve breakfast by the beach too!

The Cirques

A trip to the Cirques is an iconic Réunion experience.  As a volcanic island, the topography of Reunion Island is unique and craggy, with the island’s most enticing natural formations being its three cirques – Salazie, Cilaos, and Mafate.

Woke up early today to get to the top of La Maido.  Amazing view!  #2015holiday #lareunion #france #hiking

Early morning drive to get to the top of Le Maïdo.

Beautiful morning in Cilaos. #2015holiday #lareunion #france #cilaos

View from Cilaos.

Oh what a weekend!  Hiked on a steep trail in the rain for 2 hrs to be greeted by this view.  So cool.  #2015holiday #lareunion #france #salazie

Hiked 2 hours from Hell-Bourg to see this – viewpoint over the Cirque de Salazie.

Hike 1

We also hiked in Foret de Bebour with a group of newly made friends to see to the Trou de Fer waterfall.

Caving in the lava tunnels

Who knew there’s caves underneath the volcanoes and that you can enter to see the caves??  There’s quite a few company that organises guided tour into the caves and there’s also different difficulty level.  Even if you’re not very adventurous, the beginner’s level tour is not that difficult. I would highly recommend this activity.

Had a fantastic trip down the lava tunnels.  Once in a lifetime experience!  #lareunion #france #2015holiday #lavatunnels

Is this chocolate or lava?  Nature does amazing stuff.  #lareunion #france #2015holiday #lavatunnels


Woke up early in the morning to head to St Leu and drove to a high spot to paraglide into St Paul. I find it quite scary but exciting at the same time. Not sure if I’ll do it again but at least I’ve done it once.

What a wonderful morning!  Did some paragliding into St Paul.  #2015holiday #lareunion #france #paragliding

It's quite scary at times but exciting too.  #2015holiday #lareunion #france #paragliding


One must not missed the still active volcano on the island Piton de la Fournaise. We were not lucky to see the volcano in action but we still managed to drive onto the volcano and admire the Martian landscapes of the Plaine des Sables.

We made it to the volcano with clear blue sky.  It was out of this world!  Can you see the amount of people hiking on the small crater???  #2015holiday #lareunion #france #volcano #formicaleo #PitondelaFournaise