Shinjuku is one of the main shopping area to visit.  The station is also one of the world’s busiest railway station.  Northeast of the station lies Kabukicho, Japan’s largest and wildest red light district.  We spent quite a far amount of time in Yodobashi Camera, one of Japan’s leading discount electronics retailers, and especially on camera equipment.

Walked past a game launch in Shinjuku. Can't miss the opportunity to be a local.... #japan #nintendo3ds #monsterhunter4

Robot Restaurant

This place is so tacky but fun.  Truly entertaining in the form of Japanese weirdness.  You can opt to have a meal or not and there’s a pre-show on the first floor before the you’re being ushered into the main stage.  It’s one of it’s kind therefore worth checking out.

Yo dude! #japan #robotrestaurant

Roppongi Hills

We wanted check out the Mori Art Museum to see ‘Lee Mingwei and His Relations’ exhibition.  When we arrived we realised by getting tickets for Tokyo City View (outdoor viewing deck that gives you a 360º view of the city from 250 meters above sea level) we can get free admission to the Mori Art Museum.  The view is quite amazing either from inside the building or on the viewing deck.

Quiet moment at Roppongi Hills #roppongihills #japan #vscocam

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Besides the shopping, we were fascinated with the famous Shibuya crossing, Hachiko Square and Harajuku street.

Meiji Shrine

This place is very near to our Airbnb.  We went on a Sunday and it seems like there’s some sort of event going on.  There was lots of ladies dressed in beautiful kimonos queuing to get into the building.  It is quite calm to walk around the beautiful garden.  We even saw a tree that resembles the Totoro tree.

Sacred camphor tree #totoro #meijishrine #tokyo #japan

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Toshiba Science Museum

This is quite a small museum but was quite fun.  It has a few interactive panel to try out new technology in addition to a display on the history of Toshiba.

Tokyo DisneySea

I love the Disney theme parks.  I’ve been almost all of them.  When Dav asked if I’m interested to check out the DisneySea, I can’t missed out to add another park into my list.  This park is not as big as Disneyland but still has a lot of good rides.  We planned the attractions we wanted to visit to ensure we minimise queuing time.  I think we used the fastpass quite well.

It has been more than 15yrs since I was last in a Disney theme park. Had to learn how to use FastPass to maximise our time. #japan #disneysea

Disney is one of the best place to be a kid again!

This was quite a common sight in Disney Sea. It's a trend we should bring to the corporate world so that things won't be taken so seriously. #japan #disneysea #justsaying

Ghibli Museum

We love Studio Ghibli anime and when we found out the studio has a museum in Tokyo we cannot miss the opportunity to visit the museum.  Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved ticket.  Luckily it is easy to book the tickets online.  The museum even has a small theatre that show short animation.  Follow the website instruction to get to the museum as it is not so easy to find.

Where are you Totoro??? #japan

Tsukiji fish market

Cant be going to Tokyo with the love of sashimi and not visit the Tsukiji Market !  I didn’t fancy waking up at 2am and queue to get into the Tuna Auction but I was willing to wake up early (around 7am) to get into the market by 9am.  We decided to go on a walking tour and it was a good decision.  We managed to understand the workings of the market and got insights which is interesting.  Especially how it is not necessary to queue for 3 hours to eat at certain sashimi restaurant as all the others have equally good fish.

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