Osaka & Hiroshima


Main tourist attraction in Osaka with lots of restaurants and small shops.  It’s also filled with lots of giant neon lights.  I think the attraction for me is the 3D giant display.

Narrow streets of Osaka #dotonburi #osaka #japan #latergram

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This is Osaka’s main shopping area.  There’s lots of shops that caters to everyone’s budget.  I was particularly impressed with Tokyu Hands.  It sells so many different kind of products, from toys, games, novelty items, costumes, bicycles, travel products (such as luggage and camping gear), hobby materials, household hardware, tools, do-it-yourself kits, pet supplies, office supplies and stationery; calligraphy, painting, drawing supplies, furniture, lighting, home appliances, and storage solutions.

The one thing that caught my eye was the Star Wars Lightsaber chopstick!  Can’t resists not getting one.

Check out my Star Wars Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Chopsticks. It can be illuminated!!! #japan

While walking around Daimaru, we stumble upon a photography gallery on Danboard.  It is a fictional cardboard box robot character from the manga series Yotsuba&!.  

Stumble upon this photography gallery in Daimaru. Interesting. #japan #danbo #danboard #yotsuba

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

The highlight of the aquarium was the whale shark.  It’s huge!  Also saw Capybara (large rodent) which I’ve never seen before.

Saw a whale shark for the first time in my life. The Osaka Aquarium is so cool. Definitely worth a visit. #japan

Day trip to Hiroshima

We visited the Atomic Bomb Dome which is in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.  It is sad to read the stories and see the impact of the bomb. We were on our own.  It’s best to hire a guide to understand the sequence of historical events.

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