Toyota Plant Tour & Kaikan Museum

This is THE highlight of our trip to Nagoya.  Dav was really interested to visit the plant.  You can book for a slot on their website and it is free.  They have either Japanese or English tour which helps.  The tour provides an insight on the method used to maximise production output (Jidaiko or Just in time) and also the level of automation in the production line.  It shows how technology is improving the production efficiency while trying to reduce quality issues. Definitely worth checking it out.

After the plant tour, we visited the museum to look at Toyota’s latest innovation and even try out some of technology on display.

Nagoya City Science Museum

This museum was highly recommended but nobody said you need to understand Japanese to enjoy it.  When we were there there were 2 cool things, artificial typhoon and super cold room which there is limited tickets given out daily.  I would not recommend visiting if you don’t understand Japanese.

Osu Shopping district & Osu Kannon Temple

Dav read somewhere this shopping district is full of gadgets and t-shirts with horrendous English.  We didn’t find any gadgets or t-shirts that’s worth buying.  The shopping area is huge (at least 4 long streets lined with shops and restaurants). I would say it’s nothing special.

Osu Kannon Temple is hidden among the shopping streets.  The temple was huge.  We didnt find it particularly interesting.  Maybe if we had read more about it or had a guide it may change our impression of the temple.

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