Japanese Food & Drinks

We love the food here!!!  Cant have enough of sashimi, ramen, green tea, all kind of snacks.  I will let the pictures do all the talking…

So many types of green tea! #japan

It's time to check out Japanese cakes and sweets in Takashimaya. #japan #takashimaya

Now this is what I call a dessert!  Green tea ice with red bean paste and mochi. #japan

Our local Yakitori chef is very cheerful when preparing the food. #japan #yakitori

First time trying shirayaki, eel cooked and served with a lighter sauce and wasabi.  #japan

Best oyako donburi ever!! Reminds me of Flinders Uni oyakodon. #japan #hachikian

THE best ramen we had so far! #japan #ramen #ippudo

To make it fair we tried the McD's black burger too.  I prefer McD. #japan

Love walking in the basement of shopping mall (Takashimaya, Isetan or Daimaru).  Get to look at all the beautiful confectionary... This is my current fav - green tea mochi. #japan

Tokyo Banana Roar!  Banana sponge cake with caramel custard filling.  Not sure what's the hype with this.  Taste ok. #japan