Iceland in the winter

Short winter days

This is probably the most shocking and weird experience.  When we were there in December, we only had 3-4 hours of daylight.  That means lots of driving in the dark and also less time to see any of the beautiful nature.  So we had to planned carefully our itinerary and driving distances to ensure we can still see something when we reach a destination.

Me no see no white walkers beyond the wall... #iceland #nofilter #GoT #beyondthewall


Highway no. 1, commonly known as the Ring Road, is the most travelled route around Iceland. It is open throughout the year, but weather conditions can cause temporary closures during winter.  We checked the weather and the road conditions every morning to ensure that the roads are open.

Also we downloaded the 122 Iceland App, which is very useful – not that we used it.  The app allows you to call for help by pressing the red Emergency button. Your location will be sent by text message to the 112 response centre. Even though your phone shows no signal there is a possibility that you can send text message.

I would recommend renting a 4×4, which is better to drive in the icy/snowy condition.

Day 3 - Driving along the cliffs in Lon. #iceland #blackandwhitechallenge


Needless to say, winter in Iceland is quite cold and expect lots of snow.  In addition to the snow, you’ll have to be careful of icy condition.  So I would suggest lightweight woollens, a sweater or cardigan, a rainproof (weatherproof) coat, and sturdy walking shoes (rubber boots).