Iceland Accommodation

Centerhotel Plaza, Reykjavik

Located by the main square (Ingolfstorg) in the heart of the old city, the hotel is very convenient with restaurants and stores just a few steps away from its door.  Dav and I even got upgraded to a huge double bedroom.  The only downside to the hotel location is the proximity to clubs.  As we were there on Saturday, the noise coming from the clubs didn’t subside until early morning the next day.

Sólheimahjáleiga, Vik

This farm stay (B&B) is situated in the Mýrdalur region in South Iceland.  It is pretty hard to find in the middle of winter as the property is quite a distance from Highway 1.  The facilities are decent with a comfortable bed.

Guesthouse Skalafell

Another B&B situated in the middle of no where.  The rooms are separate cabins in front of the main building.  We had to trek out way up to the main building for dinner and breakfast which is not ideal when it is snowing and so slippery!

Also the whole night the cabin is just being battered by the wintery wind.  So we had the howling of the wind helping us sleep…

Guesthouse Egilsstaðir

This hotel is located at the edge of the town, therefore it was fairly easy to locate.  It has a nice restaurant where dinner was really good.  I remembered we had a good night sleep in this place.

Einishus Cottages

Probably one of the best place we have stayed in Iceland.  We booked 2 cottages and again it was situated in the middle of a farmland.  The cottage is very well equip and even has a hot tub!


Looking at the website pictures, we were convinced that we’ll be able to find this place relatively easy.  How wrong we were!!  Not only did we have to call the owner to open up the hotel for us, we were the only occupant in the whole building !!  We were left to our own demise the whole night.

Brattagata Guesthouse, Reykjavik

This guesthouse is very cosy and still conveniently located in the old city (just behind the Centerhotel Plaza).  Driving to the guesthouse was a bit tricky as the lane is so small and confusing but we made it after asking for direction from the owner.

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