Pacific Coast Highway

After the wonderful wedding renewal, it’s time for us to say goodbye to our family and friends.  The second leg of the holiday consists of driving north to San Francisco, along the California Highway 1 (Route 1) and Pacific Coast Highway.  The highway is famous for running along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA, leading to its designation as an All-American Road.  As there are several attractions along the coast, we decided to break the journey into 2 days and spent a night in Monterey Bay.

Big Sur

What an exhilarating driving experience!  The road is constantly twisting and so much of it is by the cliff!  My poor sister who has car sickness didn’t enjoy it one bit.  She took some meds and slept throughout the journey.  The view didn’t disappoint at all.

We made it to PCH!

As it is a coastal road, naturally we have to drive along lots of bridges.  One of the most bridge got to be the Bixby Bridge – one of the tallest single span concrete bridges in the world and one of the most photographed bridges on the West Coast. It’s 714 feet long and 280 feet high.

Monterey Bay

I love this place.  It’s so charming, with it’s rich wildlife.  It has a famous aquarium (Monterey Bay Aquarium) but as we decided not to go as we have booked to go on a whale watching tour the next day.  The tour didn’t disappoint at all.  We saw lots of humpback whales, sea otters & Rossi’s dolphins.  Even sun fish!

Whale watching in Monterey Bay.

We also managed to drive along the scenic ’17 Mile Drive’ and found the lone pine tree. 🙂

Lone Pine Tree along the 17-mile drive, Monterey.

San Francisco

The drive up to SF wasn’t that fun.  Traffic was horrible.  However the mood was lifted once we realised we were in Palo Alto – home to several high-technology companies such as Google and Apple.  We were determine to find the campuses for some of these company.  We ended up driving past Facebook campus after searching online for a good few minutes.

A trip to SF won't be complete without a stopover at 1 Hacker Way. #facebookhq

A trip to SF will be incomplete if we don’t check out the Golden Gate Bridge.  Weather was horrible though, it was raining and  part of the bridge was covered in fog.

Golden Gate Bridge covered by fog.  Unusual weather.  #goldengatebridge

We mainly took the tram to get around town to avoid traffic congestion.  But I wanted to see the majestic redwood forest, so we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to get to Muir Woods.  It was enchanting to see the redwood trees.  There are a few hiking trails around the forest.  We just did a small walk as the weather wasn’t fantastic.

Red wood at Muir Woods.  Amazing huge trees!

After spending 2 nights in SF, it was time to say goodbye to my sis.  We will be on our own for the rest of our journey to New York.

Next: National Parks


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