New York (I miss you)

This is our second trip to New York.  We were able to find an apartment (through Airbnb) in Chinatown, with great view of Manhattan Bridge.

Good morning NYC!

Strangely we didn’t plan to do anything in New York.  But I really wanted to go back to Central Park and hang out there.  So Dav found a highly rated walking tour run CityRover.  We spent 3.5 hours in the Park with our guide, Max.  It was one of the most entertaining walks, EVER.  There’s so much to see and discover in the park.

We had a wonderful time with Max from @cityrover  who showed us amazing sights around Central Park.

Everybody knows there’s a Zoo in the park, but did you know there’s also an obelisk and a castle ???

and an obelisk??

We also managed to check out the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).  There wasn’t any special exhibition on at that time so we just wondered around for an hour before we got bored and left.

Strangely on the last day we found out the apartment we stayed in was just down the road from the apartment Miranda from Sex and The City used to live!

Who knew we'll be neighbours with Miranda.... #sexandthecity #henrystreet


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