Los Angeles

We flew on Dav’s birthday, so I have arranged for a surprised birthday celebration to take place on the flight.  Virgin has a celebration service whereby you can order a bottle of champagne and cupcakes for the special occasion to be held on the plane.  That’s what I did.  I even requested for a birthday song to be sang.  They didn’t disappoint!  I was so happy to see Dav surprised.  It was worth the effort.

Dav had a surprised birthday celebration on the flight to LA.  Virgin crew was so nice to sing him a birthday song when surprising him with champagne & cupcakes.  Amazing! #celebrationonboard #virginatlantic

We stayed in Venice Beach for 2 nights.  It was a good decision to relax and chill by the beach.  We had book our accommodation via Airbnb.  Unfortunately our booking was cancelled one week before we flew.  Luckily Charles and Cec still had their booking and the location was fantastic.  The apartment was literally on the beach!  So we just went to local markets, cooked some lunch and hang out at the beach before we head to Las Vegas.

Afternoon spent on the beach and cooling down in the sea.  Perfect!

We also managed to get close to the ‘Hollywood’ sign before leaving the city.  Although we didnt get to hike, it was still an amazing view, over sunset.

We made it back to Hollywood!  Perfect sunset over the famous icon.

On the way to Las Vegas, we also stopped by Hoover Dam to have a look.  It’s quite an impressive structure.

Hoover Dam

Next: We’re getting married!


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