Since 2009, after David came back from his solo trip to South Wales and was unable to visit Skomer, he has always wanted to go and see the puffins.

Skomer is a 2.92 km² island off the coast of southwest Wales, one of a chain lying within a kilometre off the Pembrokeshire coast and separated from the mainland by the treacherous waters of Jack Sound. Skomer Island measures approximately 2.4 km (1.5 mi) north-south and 3.2 km (2 mi) east-west.

This island is famous for its large breeding seabird population, especially manx shearwaters and atlantic puffins. The puffin is soooo cute and they look like a miniature flying penguins.

We have to get to Martin’s Haven, Marloes Sand to get a boat to Skomer. Boats doesn’t run everyday. It depends on the sea condition and weather. When we arrived, we were really lucky that the boats were running and we were able to get a boat at 11am. There are limits on the number of people allowed to visit the island (currently 250 per day), and long queues can develop early each morning. So when you’re planning to visit, make sure you reach there early.

Once on the island, there is not many facilities. You can buy bottles of water from the ranger and there is one toilet facilities in the middle of the island.

The walking path is clearly signed and we were not allowed to stray away from the path as there is a risk of killing wild birds in their burrows. The whole island is covered with lots of burrows either for rabbits (we saw tonnes of them hopping around!) or for birds. We walked for about 3 hrs before our boats were due to arrive to take us back to the mainland.

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