Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre was established in 1975 to care for wild animals which have either been found injured in the forest, orphaned, or were previously kept as illegal pets. The centre is situated within the boundaries of the Semenggoh Nature Reserve, approximately 24 km from Kuching.

We joined a local tour to bring us to the centre to see orang utans.

The best time to visit Semenggoh is during the morning and afternoon feeding sessions when there is a good chance of seeing semi-wild orang utan returning to the Centre for a free meal. Feeding takes place between 9.00-10.00am and between 3.00-3.30 pm. We decided to go in the morning, before our flight back to KL in the afternoon.

As feeding time approaches, only one semi-wild orang utan (young male) emerge from the rainforest, descending from the forest canopy to the lower branches of trees near feeding platform. Then the rangers continuously call out to the orang utans to get them to come out. Unfortunately it is the fruit season thus they get a lot of food from the forest and not rely on the provided food.

Later, after about 30 mins, we were informed that another orang utan appeared at the Centre HQ (another feeding platform). This time, it is a young female whom they suspect is pregnant.

It is worth visiting the centre if you dont have more time to go to the bigger centre in Sabah.

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