Overcoming fear

I have an irrational fear of water or rather drowning.  I’m not sure how this fear came about.  I remember distinctly going to my first swimming lesson with my elder sis when I was 5 (?) under the recommendation from my asthma doctor (apparently swimming is good for asthma patient).  I didn’t enjoy it and refused to attend the next lesson.

I’m not sure why I never attempted to learn again.  Strangely Dav also can’t swim.  So last year we agreed to acquire the skill as one of our objectives and finally we took our first lesson in November.

After the first lesson, I’m proud that I managed to float and submerge my whole head into the water with no fear.  I felt accomplished after the first lesson and look forward to the next.

It has been 4 months and 6 lessons later, we both now can swim freestyle BUT still can’t really breath while swimming.  I say that’s quite an achievement and hopefully by mid year we can attempt to snorkel/swim by the beach!



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