Yoga Camp

Word.  This is encouraging me to practice yoga everyday. #yogacamp #yogawithadriene #yogaeverydamnday

I love yoga.  I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 2 years.  Recently my company’s sports and social club started yoga lessons in the office after work, twice a week.  What a fantastic idea.  Not only is it convenient, it is also cheap (subsidised).

Earlier this month, I’ve also started to experiment whether I could practice yoga on a daily basis.  I found a Youtube channel – Yoga with Adrienne – and conveniently she started a Yoga Camp: 30 Days Home practice.  It is easy to follow and on average each practice takes 30-40 mins.

So far I’ve only miss a few days due to social outings and I generally practice in the evening.  The next challenge is to practice in the morning, before work.  I’m thinking maybe I start by practising once or twice a week to see how I feel.  Although I’ve been able to wake up early and get to office by 0800 – 0830, I’m not sure I can wake up even earlier to do yoga. 😛


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