Yes, Madam Secretary

I’ve always wanted to Madam Secretary when I saw the trailer last year BUT we didn’t have any cable TV so it was quite difficult to get hold of it.  Not until now…..

Last week, miraculously I saw Season 1 box set available in Sky!  Instantly I downloaded it and started watching.  Then last weekend, I literally binge watch the whole season 1. lol

The things that got me hooked are:

  • Strong female character – The lead character (US Secretary of State) is independent and strong when required.  At the same time she’s vulnerable and honest just like any human being.  The writer didn’t make her a ‘superwomen’ which is refreshing to watch.  The biggest plus point for me is her character is not annoying like Olivia Pope in Scandal (cant decide) or Carrie in Homeland (cant stop crying).
  • Insight into US politics and inner workings in White House – Now this is not the first TV series to portray the inner workings of White House.  I used to love West Wings and recently there’s also been House of Cards.  Somehow the story line is modern and linked to the latest political situations of the world.
  • Tim Daly is a hot daddy!

Season 2 is starting this week in Sky Living.


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