Capital Ring

Dav and I have been started the Capital Ring walking route in the summer and then took a break when we were preparing to move into the new flat.  Now that we’re more settled, Dav wanted to continue so that we can finish it this year.

The Capital Ring is a strategic walking route that is being promoted by London’s 33 local councils.  It is called a “ring” because the route completely encircles inner and central London.  The official start of the route is the Woolwich foot tunnel, but the nature of the route means that it can be started or finished at almost any point.

The route consists of 15 sections, which is approximately 120km.  As of today we’ve completed 10 sections.

  • Walk 1: Woolwich to Falconwood
  • Walk 2: Falconwood to Grove Park
  • Walk 3: Grove Park to Crystal Palace
  • Walk 4: Crystal Palace to Streatham
  • Walk 5: Streatham to Wimbledon Park
  • Walk 6: Wimbledon Park to Richmond
  • Walk 7: Richmond to Osterley Lock
  • Walk 8: Osterley Lock to Greenford
  • Walk 9: Greenford to South Kenton
  • Walk 10: South Kenton to Hendon Park
  • Walk 11: Hendon Park to Highgate
  • Walk 12: Highgate to Stoke Newington
  • Walk 13: Stoke Newington to Hackney Wick
  • Walk 14: Hackney Wick to Beckton District Park
  • Walk 15: Beckton District Park to Woolwich

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