Facebook Detox

I did it!  No Facebook for one month.  It was quite an interesting time.  Looking back I spent the most time on Facebook during the following times:

  • After I wake up, just before I get ready.
  • During my commute to work, i.e. when I’m on the train, bus or tube.
  • After dinner.
  • Just before bed.

So, it does looks like I spend quite a far bit of time on it.

During the one month detox, I read 3 books and felt left out as I couldn’t see what my FB friends were up to.  After the second week, those feelings were gone.  I felt like I didn’t miss much.  If there’s anything important that I should know, somehow my friends will eventually tell me or I’ll ask them what’s going on.

Will I go back to spending the same amount of time on FB? I don’t think so…. but I won’t stop checking either.  I still find that there’s interesting things that people post which is worth reading.

Have you try reducing the amount of time you spend on FB?


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