New Year = New Project

I came across an email from Photojojo on New Year Day promoting a few photography projects to start on 1 Jan.  One of the recommendation was Project Life.  Essentially it is documenting your life in a scrapbook.  BUT it is made easy by a simple system.  There is no need for all the various scrapbook equipments and no need to be extra creative to draw or design the layout.  Everything is prepared for you and all you need to do is just choose the design from the core kit, add your photos and document as you like.  If you dont feel like writing anything, just use the already designed fillers to fill up the book.

My aim is to take one photo a day and document the interesting things that happened in my life.  So naturally this blog may not get as much attention due to this project, but I’ll try my best to maintain both so that I still document our life and thoughts as we enjoy 2013!

It has arrived!!!!! I can start my new craft project. #projectlife

My kit contains a Binder, Cobalt Core Kit, Page Protector & Designer Paper.

It's ready! Need to start taking photos everyday. #projectlife

First page of my scrapbook.


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