Baking marathon

Not exactly baking a lot of cakes this weekend but it does feel like I’m on a baking marathon. Today I decided to try Rachel Allen’s Marbled chocolate crumble cake. Was thinking maybe I can make this for the bake sale too. So wanted to try it first before I decide.

Too much choc. Can't see the marble effect. But sooooo yummy. I like! ;p

I make a boo-boo and ended up with a cake with too much chocolate. I didn’t divide the mixture into equal half. The end product looks more like a chocolate cake rather than a marble cake. And I couldn’t achieve the nice marble effect (see pic above).

Marbled chocolate crumble cake. Doesn't look anything like Rachel Allen's version. Sigh....The taste is good. Not too sweet or too dry. It looks a bit funny here cos I left it in the oven slightly too long. Hence all the choc chip topping melted away. I also like the crumbled topping too.


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