Do you see your parents often enough?

My parents touched down in London last weekend and so we played host until we sent them to Liverpool yesterday. They are visiting until mid October but mainly they are here to help my sis with her confinement. Yes, we’re going to be aunt and uncle again… and yes, it’s gonna be another boy. 🙂

Recent meetup with an ex-colleague got me thinking about the frequency of seeing my parents. Basically we were comparing notes on how often we go back to Malaysia (this friend is living in USA now) and he made the following comments:

  • Average life expectancy of Malaysian is between 70-75 for men and 75-80 for women.
  • Assuming that our parents are in their’s 60’s now, that means they have an average of 10 yrs to live.
  • If we only visit once a year, that is an average of seeing our parents 10 times!
  • That certainly put things into perspective.

    Now I know it’s not about the amount of times we visit, it is the quality of time spent together. However in order to achieve good quality time, we have to create that opportunity to meet/ visit. Good thing that my job allows me to go back to Malaysia once a year.

    Does this makes you think twice when you’re deciding whether to go on holiday somewhere new or go back to hometown?


    2 thoughts on “Do you see your parents often enough?

    1. I am going back this Sunday with Kate for 3 weeks to see my family :). Going for a short holiday to HK with them. I can’t even recall when was the last time we went for a trip as a family! I haven’t seen them since last year May.

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