I’m such a klutz!

If you havent already know, I dropped one side of my shoe (to be precise, the right shoe) into Waterloo’s Platform 1 train track last Wed.

Yes, it DID happen. I’m not making this up.

I was on my way home, taking the usual route, ie South West Train from Waterloo to reach Earlsfield 12 mins later. If you’re not familiar with Waterloo, the gap between the train and the platform can vary significantly depending on which side of the platform or station the train gets into.

So, I was boarding the train, while trying to climb onto the carriage, the shoe just dropped off my feet. Literally….. When I realised what has happened, I turned around to look for it, only to be told by a lady behind me that it has dropped into gap. I saw it on the train track. How lucky.

To avoid anyone noticing I’m one feet shoeless, naturally I proceed to take a seat, try my best to hide my feet and pretend nothing happened. That seems to work as no one was really looking at me strangely or was snickering….. hahahahahaha

I was already thinking of going home straight until I reach my station and realised that if I walk all the way, I may risk injuring myself as there’s bound to be pieces of glass, wood or something that I may step into. Thus I call Dav and this time luck was on my side, he was already on his way home.

I waited for him at the station and we decided that it’s best for him to go home to fetch me a pair of shoe. He is truly my hero. 🙂

The next day my admin assistant insists that I should go back and ask for it to be picked up. She even helped me call the station and was advised that if it is still there, they can pick it up for me when the train stops at the end of the day.

Unfortunately it was no longer there when I checked. I will just have to get a new pair. :S

I'm a klutz!


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