Sammy is in town.

My unimate is back in town for a few weeks and we wasted no time in catching up and spending quality time like the good old uni days.

First stop was going to the Ghost musical. She is planning to produce a show which requires the skill of an illusionist and was recommended the illusionist for this production. If you remember the movie version, the main actor was a ‘ghost’ and can walk through doors and had difficulty holding physical items. So the musical production had to re-create the same illusion on stage.

I have to say I didn’t get the wow factor after the show. There were a few bits and pieces which was interesting and only 2 of the supporting actor and actress were impressive. There was too much usage of digital screen AND I didnt think the main actress and actor had any chemistry. Their duet wasnt very nice either.

We will be watching Matilda this Thursday. Hopefully this will be a better production.

Then last Fri we meet up for dinner at Southbank Yalla Yalla after which we introduced her to Pitt Que and the famous Pickleback shot. Sam  said it tasted like tequila when in fact it was bourbon.  She stayed over at our place and we had a late movie night. When Sam found out that I had a candy floss maker, she was very excited to try it out.  We ended up making a few candy floss and then end the night with watching Frost/Nixon. The next day we went to Harrods and Sloane Square to shop which was very very productive for me… (ie lots of shopping done!). 😛

The day ended with Sam trying Pimm’s for the first time. It was also perfect weather for it as it was sunny and hot.

Overall we had lots of fun.

Pickleback shots for the group.

Can you see her excitement?? She had to stand on our wooden stool to make her own candy floss becos she wasnt tall enough.

Our face covered with candy floss.. hahahahaha

Yummy Pimms’ in Sloane Square.


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