Back from another business trip

Before I could recover from my KL & HK trip, I was off again for 5 days. This time the destination is Brazil, Rio & Porto Alegre to be specific. I went with my manager to run 3 workshops on risk & control for the local IT team. It was very very tiring. As this is the first time I’m delivering such workshop, there was a lot to learn and adapt after every workshop to help improve the content and delivery. But I’m glad that it went well and based on the feedback we received, the participants also enjoy it.

This is only my second business trip this year but somehow I dont feel very enthusiastic. I’m starting to wonder whether my passion to travel for work is slowly changing. Perhaps its the short duration I’m away for such a far away country (11hrs flight for 5 days!). Will I ever come to a stage where I do not want to travel for work?? I hope not!

It’s winter in Brazil but it was nice and cooling in Rio. However when we got to Porto Alegre, it was freaking COLD! We were experiencing 5-10 degrees temperature during the day. I was totally not prepared for it although I knew that it is winter. So we went from a nice 20 degrees to 10 degrees in 2 days! Naturally my cold came back and thus I knocked myself to sleep on the flight home by taking the drowsy medicine.

It was a fun but very tiring trip. Apparently my manager wants to go back there again in September to close an audit. :S

Breakfast @ Copacabana

We stayed in Sofitel on Copacabana beach. This is the view when we have breakfast every morning. Very relaxing.

Sunset @ Rio's Airport Sunset over the Rio airport.

PorcaoThe local audit team took us out to lunch at one of the famous churrascaria in Rio, Porcao. Each person is given a ‘red/green’ card to indicate whether you want more meat or no.


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