It’s my Birthday!

My birthday was on Monday but I feel like celebrating everyday of this week 🙂

I had lots of surprises this year. Dav did a really good job.

Surprise No. 1

Dav bought me a Cotton Candy Maker!! I remember telling him about wanting one few months ago. Can’t believe he really got me one. He even bought me 2 flavoured sugar, strawberry and apple.

Coincidentally my younger sis also bought me the exact same thing! We reckon great minds think a like. hahahahahaha

It’s a 50s style cotton candy maker.

First home made apple flavoured cotton candy.

Surprise No. 2

Then on my birthday I received a huge box from M&S. The box turns out to be a bouquet of roses & tulips. So pretty!


The flowers are so pretty and smells so good too. Hopefully it can last long. It certainly attracts a lot of attention to my desk.

Surprise No. 3

We went to a pub in Holborn before dinner. After arriving less then 5 mins suddenly I saw NB arriving… followed by CL. Then 10 mins later VB was there too! Dav had secretly invited my girlfriends to come for drinks. We had a good catch up since I’ve been away for 2 weeks.


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