We’re in love with American BBQ

We had BBQ three times within 1.5 months!

Dav first discovered Pitt Cue Co last year summer time while reading about a review in Time Out.  The eatery started with a caravan in Southbank (We visited once), has now setup a restaurant in Soho.  We managed to visit the restaurant for the first time with a short waiting time and once again savour it’s famous pulled pork.

They dont take booking and the restaurant can only sit a maximum of 30 people.  So waiting is to be expected.  The menu consists of a handful of food (all meat of course) but they do it very well.  Besides the meat, one has to try their famous Pickleback (a shot of whiskey follow by a shot of pickle brine).  The draught, named “Whatever” is also very good.

Because we love it so much, we actually went back yesterday night for dinner with a friend after movie.  We had to wait for about an hour before we got a table.  Luckily the hour was spent by the bar drinking.

As usual we ordered too much food and had to takeaway the leftovers which was translated into today’s lunch. 🙂

We would highly recommend everyone to visit this place.

p.s: They serve beef as well Ms. AA.

My favourite, pulled pork with bone marrow mash. Its THE perfect combination.

Special of the day, pork loin with chipotle slaw.

Starter, pork ribs.

Pork scratchings, goes well with Pickleback and beer.


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