Lavender Cupcake

I’ve always love the lavender smell. Even our home’s odour spray is lavender. Then when I saw there’s a recipe for lavender cupcake in the Hummingbird Bakery book, I was keen to try baking it. To make this cupcake I need dry lavender to be infused with milk. It was quite tough to locate lavender in London. I gave up after a few months of looking and then totally forgot about it.

Then last bank holiday, I actually found lavender suitable for cooking and baking in Cotswold. Of all places! I didnt waste anytime trying to decide whether to buy it or not.

Finally last weekend I baked it. It was quite refreshing. I quite like it. The lavender smell was not too strong that overtook the taste of the cupcake. So that’s good. Dav and I brought some to work for our colleagues to try. Here’s some feedback I received:

  • Dav’s colleague: Tell Steph thank you for me. So delicious!
  • My colleague: Wah.. so sedap… very special (distinguished), taste and icing excellent but texture still anateur… good attempt! 


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