Making Bread

I have finally succumbed to Dav’s request of baking bread. He has been pestering me to bake breads for him since ages ago and I keep telling him that it is hard and I dont know how to knead.

Finally last month I did some research online and came across this baking class, Bake with Maria. The review was good and it is reasonably easy to get to from my office. So I booked the ‘Introduction to bread making’ and went along to the class last week.

I absolutely love it!

It was a very small class with 9 students. Hence you’re guaranteed to get some personal attention from the teacher, Maria. All the ingredients are provided, including recipes and even some snacks for the breaks (bread, butter, jam with tea or coffee).

Although everything is provided, it doesnt mean that all the ingredients are prepared ready for you. I have to measured everything, mix it and then knead the dough myself! While kneading, Maria would give us an overview of the science behind bread making and also tips on what to look out for.

At the end of the 3 hours class, I went home with 4 different types of bread ! All made from one single dough. Fantastics!

Here’s my collection of breads.

From top left corner: Buns, focaccia, white load & soda bread


One thought on “Making Bread

  1. Looks awesome Steph! I’ve been wanting to make my own bread for a long time, even went as far as buying the yeast, but it just didn’t happen. 🙂 Keep making bread and post them, perhaps I may be inspired again 🙂

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