Entering the world of Harry Potter

Few weeks back, Dav & I visited the Warner Bros Studio London – The Making of Harry Potter in Watford. The studio opened at the end March and have received quite a lot of attention. When I saw that my company’s social club is offering half price entrance ticket + transport from London Victoria, there’s no need to think about applying. I was so happy when I got 2 tickets.

We set off from Victoria Coach Station at 8am on Sunday… way too early for us. But when I saw the bus we’re taking to the studio it was all worth it. We travelled across London in a specially decorated double decker bus. Although it looks amazing outside, when you’re inside, you cant see a single thing outside. Hence this makes the 1 hour journey slightly boring.

The studio is quite huge and it took us 3 hours to cover everything, including getting a cup of butterbeer. I wont divulge what we saw as it may give away the surprises. I’ll let you discover the studios when you visit.

More pictures can be viewed here.

I would highly recommend this place as one of the top attractions in London. Plus I wouldnt mind going back again especially with J when she comes back to London for a visit.


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