The weekend is coming to an end as I’m typing this … luckily next week is a 4 day week as it is Easter holiday!

Now that we have completed the egg hunt, it is back to the drawing board to fill our wkend.

Dav has been very eager to walk more to replace the fact that we dont play any sports or exercise. So I choose a place which we have never been before, Little Venice. It is nice to walk along the canal.

We started the day with brunch at Duke’s Brew & Que. It was meant to be an American BBQ lunch (pull pork, spare ribs) but unfortunately the BBQ menu only starts at 6pm. So I opted for the standard English breakfast (which was very very good) and Dav had the pork omelette.

After that we went off to Paddington to start our walk around Little Venice. It was a very nice walk as you get to see all kinds of house boat and all the nice houses along the Regents Canal. We ended up walking for about 2 hours and got ourself to Camden Town.

 Along the canal, we saw lots of nice spring flowers in full bloom. The weather was not perfect (ie no sun and strong wind) but it was still ok to walk around with a jacket on. We even walked past the London Zoo. Then Dav said we need to visit our ‘kids’ soon.. hhahahahahha didnt realised we adopted animals as our ‘kids’. I told him to get a yearly pass then we can visit them all the time!

Before heading home, we stopped by a pub to have a pint and then started playing Scrabble for fun.

It was very fun to see how competitive we get against each other. There was non-stop challenges (mainly around whether a word is a valid word).  I think we played for an hour before the game ended. Needless to say, I won the game. 🙂


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