Latest happening in office

Sorry for the lack of an update. I’ve been busy hunting Easter eggs around London. 😛

While going through my Flickr album I noticed there’s been a few things that happened in office which I thought would be interesting to share in the blog.

International Women’s Day

All the ladies in my department was presented with a stalk of red rose on 8 Mar 2012. The rose was left on our table during lunch, so it was a very nice surprised. This is the second time the men have shown their appreciation in the office on this day. Not sure if the ladies will do the same. But I thought it was a very nice gesture. I dont even get flowers from Dav!


Evil Table

We have a communal table in the office which ppl share snacks, sweets or delicacies brought back from exotic locations. Lately the table has been constantly filled with lots of chocolates and sweets. The most interesting sweets found was a combination of caramel popcorn on top of a donut filled with caramel !! Definitely have to stay away from this table if I want to maintain my sugar level…. luckily my table is not next to the ‘evil’ table and I’m not facing it either. *phew*


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