The slow death of Instant Messaging?

Over the weekend I realised a few things about my usage of instant messaging software:

  • I hardly ever turn on my MSN/Yahoo/Google Talk on my personal macbook.
  • I can’t remember when was the last time I ‘chatted’ with my friends on MSN/Yahoo Messenger/Google Talk.
  • All internet based conversations take place either on Whatsapp, Facebook or iMessage. Mainly because it is free and easily accessible using my iPhone.

So instant messaging is still very much alive and ever more popular. BUT there’s been an evolution of the instant messaging platform from being used on desktop/laptop based to mobile devices (e.g. smartphone, tablet, iPads).

A good example is communication between my family members. We used to MSN all the time. Then when everyone started using iPhones (and I mean EVERYONE in my family), we started using Viber and Whatsapp. Now that everyone has upgraded their iPhones, we have also started using iMessage.

On a slightly different note, Dav has finally upgraded his phone to iPhone 4S! 🙂


One thought on “The slow death of Instant Messaging?

  1. Coincidentally, I realised that I haven’t switched on YM/MSN on macbook for a while. Remember we used to chat EVERY single night? I even considered uninstalling the app from my mac! 🙂

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