Back to reality

We’re back in London for a week now. Time really flies. Been trying to get back to the usual routine. Jet lag certainly helps to make us wake up early and get to work feeling all fresh until about 4pm where it just hits you in the head to remind you that your’e suppose to be sleeping!

We did lots and visited many places over 3 weeks holiday. It will be too long to blog about it in one post. So be patience while we sort out our pictures and for me to write about them here.

On a separate note, Dav bought me this grow-your-own mushroom kit before we went on holiday. We saw it in a stall in Southbank and we thought it would be interesting to try it. So today I have finally opened the package and started the growing process. Let’s see how many days it takes before we can harvest our first batch of mushroom.

To find out more, checkout the supplier’s website here –>

This is all you need and a little bit of water everyday.

Let’s see how it progreses over the weeks. Wish us luck!


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