What is your preferred team role?

Towards the end of last year my office had a ‘Learning’s Week’, aiming to introduce the varieties of training available to us through the training portals. I took the opportunity to attend as many training tasters as I can to see which one would be suitable for myself and my team. One of the session was very interesting and so I recommended that the whole team do the assessment to my manager as one of the agenda for our team meeting in January. It is called the Belbin Team Inventory.

Basically a doctor (named Belbin) conducted a research and found that for a team to work successfully, each member of the team must play a role in the four defined areas (total 8 roles, 2 roles in each area). Basically you just need to answer 7 questions and the answer will determine which role one preferred to take while working in a team. It is important to note that this is a behavioural assessment rather than a capability assessment.

So we did the assessment, had a look at the team’s profile and then we did a team building exercise where an external person observed our behaviour with our preferred roles in mind. The result of the activity was enlightening. Basically the team with the most variety of preferred roles won the task. The team members’ composition was not pre-arranged. In my mind it did re-enhances the Belbin’s theory.

I went home after the team meeting thinking that Dav should do the assessment too, to see whether we worked well as a team… considering we have to do that everyday in our marriage. hahahahahaha I’m happy to say that Dav has a totally different preference compared to mine…

Conclusion: We make a good team! ;P

p/s: If you’re interested to do the assessment, email me and I’ll send you the questionnaire.


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