2011 Christmas CelebrationS

That’s celebration with a big S because this year’s Christmas parties are EPIC. Why? Because it happened so many times within 5 days.

Part #1 – BAT Christmas Carol and Festive Drinks

Every year my office would organise a carol service at a nearby church (Fleet Street) where it would last for about 45 mins then we would all head back to office for the festive drinks. Like last year, I was able to attend this year’s do with a few colleagues and we proceeded to the drinks after. It was free flow drinks and it started with strawberry champagne (my fav!). When all the champagne was gone, next on the list was beer.

We drank till the restaurant closes, so we proceeded to the office bar. Then even the office bar was closing so we had to go to our usual pub, Cheshire Cheese. By then I already have quite a few and starting to feel the alcohol effects, so I decided to head home.

Needless to say I woke up with a hangover the next day, and there was another Christmas Party to attend that day. So 2 paracetamol and more than 4 hours of nap later, I’m was all good for second round.

Lovely St. Bride’s Church on Fleet Street.

Party #2 – Charles’ Annual Christmas Party

This year’s christmas party was held in Charles’ new pad. He moved to a smaller apartment hence he could only invite a small number of guest. Prior to the party Dav has been ill so we were not sure whether we were gonna make it. Then I was informed that there’s a surprise installed for me and so the host insists that I try to attend.

It turns out the surprised was the Wii. It has both the dance and karaoke games. In the previous party held at his place, we had a karaoke session (everybody at work knows I love karaoke!). So this time round, we played the dance game too.

Selvan getting his groove on… heheheh 🙂

Party #3 – Team’s Christmas Drinks

2 days after Charles’ party, we had our team’s Christmas drinks at a German beer house. Only 3 things will come to mind when you have drinks in a German beer house, (1) beer by stein (1 ltr!) (2) sausages and (3) Jägermeister. We had all three!

I ended up having almost 2.5 litres of beer and a shot of Jägerbomb. So drunk on a Tues night!

Everyone still slightly sober…

Here comes the Jägerbomb… disgusting!

Party #4 – Department’s Christmas Party

This year’s theme for our department’s Christmas Party is Pantomime. I have no idea what this is all about and I was made a team leader and our story is Cinderella.

According to Wiki, a panto is a theatrical performer of mime, a musical-comedy theatrical production traditionally found in the United Kingdom and is mostly performed during the Christmas and New Year season. Panto story lines and scripts usually make no direct reference to Christmas, and are almost always based on traditional children’s stories, including the fairy tales of Charles Perrault, Joseph Jacobs, Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm Brothers – not to mention tales from the Arabian Nights. While the familiarity of the audience with the original story is generally assumed, plot lines are almost always ‘adapted’ for comic or satirical effect, it being common for characters and situations from other stories to be interpolated into the plot. Certain familiar scenes tend to recur, regardless of plot relevance, and highly unlikely resolution of the plot is common. Straight re-tellings of the original stories are rare in the extreme. The best bit is, traditionally men plays female roles and vice versa!

So in summary I have to coordinate my team to come up with a ‘funny’ version of Cinderella. We had about 3 weeks to get the storyline, costumes and props. We managed to assign everyone to the opposite sex’s role except for me. As Cinderella do not have many male roles, I took have to play the Cinderella role. In terms of props, we had beach ball, mechanical mice, big signs and drums. Cant believed we agreed to get this done as it requires so much effort!

Besides Cinderella, we had Jack and the beanstalk, Aladdin, Snow White and Peter Pan. We even had a judge giving us assessing our panto based on originality, props and costumes and we won second place

I have to say this is the best christmas party ever. Everyone was very sporting and we made it so successful! Cant wait for next year now….


The traditional dept photo taken at the Christmas tree with our costume. From top left corner, Snow White, Aladdin, Peter Pan, Jack and the beanstalk and finally Snow White with only 3 dwarfs.

Check out the guys!!! My team had the best cross dresser EVER! Top right corner, me with my evil stepmother and 2 ugly stepsisters.


2 thoughts on “2011 Christmas CelebrationS

  1. Wow! All the drinking reminds me of Uni days 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and Dave! Hope you have a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

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