Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

I was surprised when I saw there was a biography for Steve Jobs after he passed away, put together by interviewing him, his family, his friends and even his competitors over a period of 3 years. So I downloaded a sample copy on my iPad, wanted to see if it’s a good read. Reviews for the book was not really that good. Most critic said all his famous quotes and speeches are available online (websites, youtube, etc) so why need to pay more to read it again. I disagree.

Without giving away too much, I would like to share my views about the book.

FIrst thing that caught my attention is the fact that Steve wanted the author to write a biography about him when he first got cancer. Everyone knows that Steve is quite a private person. Therefore to ask someone to write about him means he knew that life will end for him, this may be the only way to preserve his life story.

Secondly, the author was not bias by only complimenting Steve in the book. I would say he describe his best and worse behaviours whether being a boyfriend, a boss, a friend or a father.

I would definitely say this book brings a lot of insight into his great life. One to read if you’re a gadget freak like me.


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